StringerBessant is the moniker for the musical collaboration between two friends, Gary stringer & Jack Bessant. Prior to this, the two men have worked together in the successful English rock band REEF & the knucklehead metal act THEM IS ME.
StringerBessant is the polar opposite of anything the pair have previously been involved with musically and in 2010 they released their debut album 'YARD ' through xtra mile recordings that resulted in a busy 2011 including gigs & festivals both at home in England and abroad .

"StringerBessant have crafted something great, a world away from anything the two men have previously done."
“It cuts back the layers of bravado and flash showmanship often associated with the music of these two musicians, offering an intimate glimpse seldom seen”
"StringerBessant are, if only for now, a well-kept secret – make sure you’re in on it."

That same year the duo also released an e.p entitled 'Wild day' which included a fully acoustic version of the REEF song 'mellow' (also released through xtra mile). October 2011 saw StringerBessant play in New York at the Bowery poetry club as part of the CMJ music festival and the pair also journeyed to Massachusetts to begin work on the follow up to 'yard'.

During 2012 Stringer & Bessant started to routine the new songs at live shows and soon decided on forming a band to help realise the potential and variety of the new sounds that they were hearing. Dominic Greensmith came in to play the drums and Devonshire musician Amy Newton added electric guitar and vocals.

StringerBessant was on the way to evolving into THE SB BAND.

After a handful of festivals and try out gigs the band began recording at Metropolis studios , London during September 2012 and recorded 7 songs in 2 days there. Another new batch of songs were then rehearsed (sometimes at the impromptu performance night started by Jack known as The Cheddar Experiment ) ahead of the band travelling down to Sawmills studio's on the river Fowey in Cornwall where another 6 songs were recorded . These songs will make up the 2nd StringerBessant album (produced by Bruno Ellingham ) which is due for release in May 2013 entitled 'The SB Band'